Ya sabemos qué hacía Cara Delevingne en nuestro país


Está confirmado. Pronto volveremos a ver a Costa Rica en la pantalla grande, ya que fuentes oficiales afirmaron que en octubre del año pasado la famosa modelo y actriz Cara Delevingne ingresó al país para grabar unas escenas de la película “Suicide Squad”, en la cual ella participará.


When Delevingne posted on her Instagram a series of pictures that included a green frog with red eyes and the authorities of the Immigration Administration confirmed the model had entered the country, the media speculated about the reasons for her visit.

The most popular version was that Cara was filming part of another project in which she is also involved: the trailer for the new video game Call of Duty, Black Ops III, which was released in November 2015.

However, there is now an official statement and the sources have confirmed that Delevingne entered the country with a production team in charge of shooting some scenes of the highly anticipated film «Suicide Squad», which, in addition to Cara, has an interesting group of actors featured such as Will Smith, Jared Leto and Viola Davis.

The movie, which is produced by Warner Brothers and directed by David Ayer, will be released in theaters on August 15th of this year and recently released a stunning trailer.



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